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Electric Gas Heating Square Fryer

Equipment Description

Manual Frying Machine Single series of the main heating methods: Electric heating, liquefied gas heating, coal-fired heating, natural gas/light diesel heating. Structure: Mainly by oil and water mixing and pure oil two kinds, with cheap, light and flexible, easy to move and so on. Suitable for breakfast and fried small food, leisure use.

Specification size of the frying box can be customized. Oil and water after mixing automatic stratification, oil in the upper layer after heating fried food, water under the acceptance of sinking waste residue, can be removed in time, will not be due to ordinary frying machine short time oil floating black slag blackened, resulting in waste. Reduce fumes and increase oil utilization.

Adaptation range of fryer:

1. Noodles; twists, rice noodles, honey food, honey three knives, fried dough sticks, hemp dough, gluten, rice sticks, shaqima, glutinous rice and so on.

2.meat products; grilled chicken (color), dried duck (color), braised pork, meatballs, beef jerky, pork belly, chicken legs, trotters.

3. Nuts; peanuts, green beans, broad beans, sunflower seeds. products; dried bean curd, bean bubble, fish tofu, bean ginseng.

5. Seafood; all kinds of fish, shrimp, scallop, sea red, small fish, squid ring, squid.

6. Other types: vegetable cakes, tempura, eggplant boxes, lotus roots, pastes and various fried puffed foods.

Model Size Weight Power Capacity
HLDF500 700*700*950 70 12 50kg/h
HLDF1000 1200*700*950 100 24 100kg/h
HLDF1500 1700*700*950 160 36 150kg/h
HLDF2000 2200*700*950 180 42 200kg/h
Model Size (MM) Weight (KG) Power (the burner) Capacity
HLDF1000G 1500*800*1000 320 0 × 10~ 4kcal/ h 100kg/h
HLDF1500G 1900*980*1000 400 15 × 10~ 4kcal/ h 150kg/h
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