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Fresh Milk Pasteurizer Machine With Air Compressor

Equipment Description

Fresh milk pasteurizer machine has two heating forms: steam heating and electric heating.

Fresh milk pasteurization is low-temperature sterilization, which refers to a sterilization method below 100 degrees Celsius.

The whole machine is made of stainless steel, and the sterilization temperature and speed can be set according to the process requirements.

Fresh milk pasteurization machine equipment The machine runs smoothly with low noise, and the sterilization temperature of the pasteurization machine can be set freely. Within the adjustable range, the time is adjustable. It will not cause color change, taste damage and other problems. The sterilizing temperature is set at a better time and milk temperature to better achieve the sterilizing effect and to make healthy, delicious and safe fresh milk that is conducive to human health and absorption.

model HL-C-200L
material SUS304
Crew name American Copeland
Unit power 3P
Barrel inner diameter 630mm
barrel outer diameter 740mm
Yield 10-200kg/batch
Overall height 1900mm
Sterilization temperature 60-99 degrees Celsius (adjustable)
heating cycle 25—35min
Support part material Stainless steel screw + adjusting nut +
Support part material Engineering plastics = adjustable height
power supply 380v  13kw
Dimensions 1900*800*1980mm
Wooden box packing size (Pasteurizer) 2010*1150*2230mm  weight 388kg
(compressor) 1150*610*1170mm    weight 107kg
equipment weight about 400kg
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