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Fully Automatic Natural Gas Fryer (Liquefying Gas* Diesel) Fried Chicken Food Frying Equipment

Equipment Description

The full-automatic series of frying machines are mainly suitable for larger food production enterprises, and are characterized by continuous production, energy saving, labor saving, and uniform product quality. In terms of energy, electricity, heat transfer oil, coal, natural gas, liquefied gas, and external circulation heating can be selected.

Name Size (mm) Weight (kg) Voltage (Kw/V) Capacity
HDBZ-Q1300 2100*1850*1600 750 1.12(Electric) 0.37(gas) Expanded food(100-150KG/H)peanut (350*450KG/H)
HDBZ-Q1500 2300*2100*1600 830 1.12(Electric) 0.37(gas) Expanded food(180-250KG/H)peanut (450*600KG/H)
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