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Industrial Fruit Persimmon Orange Melon Mango Peeling Machine

Equipment Description

This equipment can cut fruits including apples, persimmons, yellow peaches, kiwis, oranges, oranges, passion fruit, etc. It can be used for home processing or factory processing, and can also be used to build an assembly line to produce canned fruit and juice.

1.The motor adopts advanced design system for optimized design to ensure that the equipment achieves high efficiency, low energy consumption, high performance and high reliability.

2.All accessories are purchased from manufacturers with national standards and production qualifications, with excellent quality.

3. All parts are produced by our factory's technicians after countless experiments and improvements, and are produced by a large outsourcing organization with many years of production and processing experience.

4. Multiple protections to ensure safe use.

5. The design of the whole machine abandons the good-looking appearance, and is mainly practical, considerate, flexible, easy to operate, and convenient to maintain.

Power 1.5(kw)
Machine size 850*400*800(mm)
Voltage 220v50hz(V)
Weight 100(kg)
Capacity around 500-800pcs/h
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