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Vegetable and Fruit Washing Removing Impurity Polishing Machine

Equipment Description

Strawberry,grape,globular mushroom,tomato,apple,pear,peach,no injury to the epidermis(cylindrical shape)fruit and vegetable cleaning,the lower part of the brush to scrub clean the surface of materials,the upper part of a high-pressure spray cleaning,preceding the use of recycled water,the back ends of the clean water,thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables and water conservation.go to the hair,using hair roller diameter 65mm--120mm,the upper supporting a plurality of nozzles fully spray,yield 1--5tons / hour.
Driven by the motor, the parallel wool roller cleaner can achieve the effect of peeling by rolling in opposite direction and rubbing directly with the product; and has a special automatic high pressure spray nozzle for peeling and rinsing, which can achieve the effect of product cleaning and peeling; and can change the hardness of the brush stick according to the variety of products, choose a silky brush roller, which can achieve the root and stem. The effect of peeling fruit and vegetable can be achieved by using soft silk brush roller to polish fruit and vegetable with wax.
The wool roller cleaner is mainly used for the cleaning and peeling of rhizome vegetables, aquatic products and various medicinal materials. For example: horseshoe, potato, lotus root, carrot, onion, ginger and so on; it can also be used for depilation and cleaning of pig's feet.

Scope of application :
This machine is suitable for strawberry, potato, carrot, Taro seed, and other spherical (cylindrical) fruits and vegetables that do not damage the skin, the lower part of the brush will be used to clean the material surface, the upper part of the high-pressure spray cleaning, the front part of the use of circulating water, the back end adopts clean water, and the fruits and vegetables are washed thoroughly and water is saved. 2, melon and fruit hair roller cleaning and peeling machine has beautiful appearance and easy operation, cleaning and peeling volume, high efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous cleaning, simple operation, long service life, etc. , the cleaning stick is made of Nylon Cord Rolling material treated by special technology, the peeling is made of stiffening material, both of them are durable and wear-resisting. 3, the whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel, the material is rotated out, it is not corroded and clean. Can also be installed at the bottom of the machine waste collection plate, to prevent sewage dander and other pollution of the ground.

Brush washing machine( peeling machine)

Model Size (MM) Weight (KG) Power /voltage Capacity
HL-MS-P800 1580*850*800 180 1.1 700kg/h
HL-MS-P1000 1780*850*800 220 1.5 1000kg/h
HL-MS-P1200 1980*850*800 240 1.5 1200kg/h
HL-MS-P1500 2280*850*800 260 2.2 1500kg/h
HL-MS-P1800 2580*850*800 280 2.2 1800kg/h
HL-MS-P2000 2780*850*800 320 3 2000kg/h
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