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Automatic Fruit and Vegetable Crisp Chips Puffing Production Line


The automatic puffing production line for fruit and vegetable chips is independently developed, with independent intellectual property rights and international leading technology processing equipment. The fruit and vegetable processing has achieved a leap from frying to non-fried. The fruit and vegetable pressure difference puffing drying technology adopted is a new, environmentally friendly and energy-saving non-fried puffing drying technology. The basic principle is to combine pretreated fruit or vegetable raw materials. The temperature is increased and pressurized in the puffing tank, and the pressure is released instantaneously after a period of time. The moisture inside the material is instantly vaporized, evaporated and expanded, and dehydrated and dried under vacuum, thereby achieving the effect of volumetric serving and crisp taste. Note: Can be customized according to customer production requirements.

Variable pressure puffing, as the name suggests, is based on the principle of "popcorn". During puffing, the pretreated fruit and vegetable raw materials are put into a pressure tank, and the water in the fruits and vegetables is continuously evaporated by steam heating, and finally the internal and external temperatures of the fruits and vegetables become consistent. At the same time, water vapor is generated to make the pressure in the tank continue to rise, and a pressure value is set to reach a certain pressure, and the pressure is reduced instantaneously, so that the moisture inside the material suddenly vaporizes and flashes, and a strong vapor pressure difference is generated inside the fruits and vegetables. Cells and tissues expand to achieve the purpose of expansion.

Finally, it is dried under vacuum and low temperature to less than 5%. After cooling, the whole fruit and vegetable chips are taken out. This equipment can maintain the nutrients and fresh flavors of fruits and vegetables, thoroughly dehydration, crispy taste, full shape and uniform puffing.

Scope of application

Equipped with appropriate production technology. It can process a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as mulberries and bayberry. Raspberry, blueberry, chickpeas, golden pear, mango, grass fruit, jujube, kiwi, dragon fruit, cantaloupe, wolfberry, pineapple, banana, kelp, strawberry, carrot. Mushrooms, garlic, etc.

Features :
During the processing, the original nutrients, trace elements and minerals of fruits and vegetables are retained to a large extent. During the production process, there is no noise, no pollution, low energy consumption, and meets environmental protection requirements and food hygiene standards. Stable performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance, safe and efficient.

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