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Root, Leafy Vegetable Two In One Air Bubble Washing,Dehydrating Processing Line


The whole production line is made of SU5304 stainless steel, which meets food safety standards. Using high-pressure bubbling cleaning, the material in the water through the bubble in the release process to produce the tumbling effect, so that the material in the water has an irregular and strong flipping movement, effectively separate the surface impurities of the cleaned object, and avoid the collision during the cleaning process. Knock, scratch and other damage to the material. Suitable for clean vegetable processing plants, large central kitchens, large supermarket distribution centers, etc.

Note: It can be customized according to customer's production requirements.
Category: soak lifting-----continuous peeling washing ----sorting----lifting----cutting

Equipment introduction

Long leaf vegetable nondestructive cleaning air drying line :
The whole line is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which meets food safety standards. It is suitable for cleaning, drying and draining leafy vegetables such as celery, leeks, spinach, green onions, chrysanthemum, fennel, coriander and so on. Suitable for clean vegetable processing plants, large food distribution centers, etc. Working principle: Using high-pressure gas to produce bubbling, circulating water pump surfing and high-pressure water spray triple fruit cleaning, and axial flow fan to blow and drain. Effectively separate impurities such as mud and hair on the vegetables. During the cleaning process, the spray and high-pressure nozzles provide continuous water supply. In order to prevent the vegetables from being disrupted during the cleaning and transportation process, the equipment is equipped with a pressing mesh belt. The air dryer can effectively remove water droplets on the surface of the product. It is suitable for flow operation and improves the automation of the enterprise. The drying air temperature is normal temperature, which effectively protects the color and quality of the material itself.

Clean vegetable processing Line :
The whole machine is made of high-quality 5304 stainless steel. The cleaning speed can be set according to the process requirements. The machine has a high degree of automation, which completely solves the traditional cleaning and sterilization methods of vegetable processing. It is cleaned and sterilized thoroughly, and the vegetable pesticide residue can reach the national inspection standard. , The flow core is equipped with two sets of pesticide residue removal systems, which can be selected according to different products.
The production can be tailored to customer production requirements.

Appicable scope
This machine is suitable for cleaning, removing impurities, dehydrating and air drying of leafy vegetables, fruits and root vegetables in various large-scale central kitchens and troops.

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