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Brine Injecting Salt Injection Machine


Injection machine :

Injection machine ---vacuum tumbler----pounding machine----clipper---steak cut machine---vacuum packer

Function :

Can be uniformly injected with saline and the pickle agent into the materials prepared meat, which greatly improves the taste of meat and yield, and to ensure that products product phase. Then through the vacuum tumbler make the material was fully cured, infiltration, can loose muscle tissue structure, in favor of myosin dissolution while injecting the solution configuration after make meat tender, soft, thereby improving the meat produced rate and improve meat tenderness and taste.


According to different industry requirements by adjusting the stepping speed, stepping distance, press the meat board space and an injection pressure of the pickling liquid quantitative, uniform, continuous injection of the product in order to achieve the best injection effect of the product.
High quality stainless steel SUS304 production, made of stainless steel pumps, rigorous design, reasonable structure, convenient and safe operation, easy to clean, one of the devices is indispensable meat processing enterprises. In addition to this equipment for meat processing, but also successfully applied by replacing the needle fish, sea cucumbers, poultry and other products injection processing.
Saline injection machine adopts frequency converter, stepping away from the chain and stepping speed and synchronous speed adjustable needle injection.
Saline injection machine equipped with the automatic needle protection device, the needle hit a hard object can lift attendant from destruction.

Model HLYZ-48 HLZYZ-88
capacity 200-300kg/h 500-700kg/h
Power 4.1kw 5.1kw
Injection rate >20% 40-80%
Needle diameter 4mm 4mm
needle 48pcs 88pcs
Pressure 0.45-0.9Mpa 0.45-0.9Mpa
speed 15-20/min 15-50/min
Dimension 1.4*0.8*1.7m 1.5*1*1.7m
weight 200kg 300kg
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