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Automatic Industrial Tiltable Bean Paste Stir Fry Cooker Machine Biryani Cooking Mixing Machine

Equipment Description

Electromagnetic heating equipment adopts the principle of magnetic field induction eddy current heating. It uses current to pass through the coil to generate a magnetic field. When the magnetic force in the magnetic field passes through the bottom of the pot, numerous small eddy currents will be generated, causing the pot itself to heat up at high speed, and then heating in the pot materials.

The entire production process of the electromagnetic frying pan is controlled by the German Siemens PLC and the fully automatic German Siemens touch screen man-machine interface. The multi-stage frying recipe process can be stored according to the properties of different materials. frying temperature, frying time, frying speed, frying The process of making power and other processes eliminates the error of manual operation, greatly improves the product quality, and makes the quality of each pan fried product uniform and stable. All parameters are conveniently input by the PLC touch screen, and the process parameters can be stored in advance. When the material variety is changed, only the relevant process parameters can be called.

Model Pot size diameter Power
HLQ-200 800mm 25kw
HLQ-300 900mm 35kw
HLQ-400 1000mm 40kw
HLQ-600 1200mm 45kw
HLQ-1000 1500mm 60kw
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