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home use mustard olive oil extraction press making machine

Product Features:

1.ultra-miniature design

Length 42cm × width 20cm × height 37cm. Can be placed in the home of any smooth place for oil extraction

2.High efficiency

8 hours per kg of peanuts can be pressed around the oil rate of 40% or more. Sesame 10 kg or so, the oil rate of 45% or more (according to different materials, oil production rate slightly floating.)

3.simple and long work

In the original traditional crushing process is more integrated into the latest high-tech technology, so that the cumbersome baking - pressing - precipitation and other processes into a simple synchronization to complete. But also to ensure that the original flavor and nutritional ingredients. Simply press the switch, put the material, you can complete the entire extraction process, the machine can work continuously

4.Power saving and durable

Household 220V power supply, motor 550W, heating 500W. All parts of the machine oil press using high-manganese steel, carburizing quenched and processed, durable. Shell also uses expensive food grade stainless steel

5.can be pressed material

Peanut, sesame seed, soybean, almond, pumpkin kernel, sunflower kernel, camellia seed kernel, rapeseed, flaxseed, hemp seed, flaxseed, pine nut kernel

Item: Household oil presser Model: HL30-2D Press series: Two-stage press (two propulsion)
Motor: 220v 550w GB copper motor heating power: 700w Oil extraction shaft diameter: 30mm
Exterior: Food grade stainless steel 304 wire drawing board Weight: 45kg Dimensions (L * W * H): 42*20*36cm
Capacity: One hour can squeeze peanut 3.5-4.0kg, out of oil 1.5-2.0kg. Sesame 5-6kg, out of oil 2.5-3.0kg. Can work continuously
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