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Meat Dicing Cutting Machine

Detailed introduction of Meat Dicing Machine QD-350


The QD/QZD series dicing machine produced by our company is a reference to the advanced mechanical design concepts at home and abroad, and it has been independently developed by our company's existing product production process requirements. In the same kind of product has the characteristics of high stability, easy operation, large output and low energy consumption. The device has the advantages of reasonable structure, durable tool, convenient disassembly and beautiful appearance. At the same time, the device can accurately cut "D", "Bar", "Silk", "Piece", "Block", "Roll" and work efficiency. high. The cutting size can be adjusted at any time. The cutting type and specification can be adjusted and combined according to different process requirements. Tool removal is extremely convenient.


The whole machine adopts the national standard SUS304 high quality stainless steel, and the overall sandblasting treatment, the appearance of the overall cut beautiful, reasonable structure, safe use, simple operation, easy to clean. The machine can cut frozen meat, fresh meat, cooked meat, raw meat and other products from -5°C to 80°C.

More details

1. Precise cutting can be performed on "D", "Bar", "Silk", "Plate", "Block", "Roll".
2. computer touch screen control system, cutting size can be directly input, accuracy up to 0.1mm.
3. Detachable tools are divided into compact and in-line type, easy to clean and replace tools, and the body comes with a tool storage box (QZD series).
4. Sharp tools, easy maintenance, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous production.

Model QD-350(semi-automatic) QD-550(semi-automatic) QZD-350(automatic) QZD-40(automatic)
Machine size(mm) 1360×650×940 1940×980×1050 1220×640×960 1270×650×1000
power(v/kw) 380/3 380/4 220~380/1.5 220~380/3
Bin size(mm) 84×84×350 120×120×550 84×84×350 96×96×400
Bin volume(L) 2.5 7.9 2.5 3.7
Min cutting size(mm) 5 5 5 5
Using for Raw, cooked, frozen meat Raw, cooked, frozen meat Raw, cooked, frozen meat Raw, cooked, frozen meat
Capacity (kg/h) 300~500 500-700 300~500 500-700
Control way Semi-automatic hydraulic type Semi-automatic hydraulic type Fully automated touch screen control Fully automated touch screen control
cutting accuracy ≤1mm ≤1mm ≤0.1mm ≤0.1mm
 propelling system hydraulic system hydraulic system servo system servo system
Weight (kg) 220 250 255 278

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