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Mesh Belt Blanching Machine


The blanching machine can keep the fresh color of vegetables and fruits by rapid blanching. also can be used for blaching chicken feet and whole chicken.It is made of high quality stainless steel. It adopts advanced control instruments, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, high degree of automation control, and temperature can be automatically controlled within 98 °C. The temperature difference is small, and it is easy to control the quality of the product. The machine is fully GMP-compliant, HACCP-certified, healthy and efficient, and is an ideal machine for food processing.

Application :
Suitable for blanching and cooling of fruits and vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, lotus roots, lettuce, kale, celery, beans, mushrooms, cellulite, bamboo shoots, etc. Also for blanching chicken feet and whole chicken.

Features :
1. It adopts electric heating, the temperature is controllable, the transmission adopts variable frequency motor, the speed is adjustable, and it can be adjusted according to different products.
2. This machine adopts independent internal structure design, the shape frame is welded, and it is durable, which improves the service life of the equipment.
3. The thickness of the thermal insulation layer is 5cm, which effectively ensures the use of heat source, reduces heat loss and saves energy costs.
4. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, made of food grade materials, without pressure operation, safe and reliable.
5. Low noise, suitable for workplaces that require a quiet working environment.
6. The transmission is stable, the speed is adjustable, the material moves forward with the conveyor belt, the structure is simple, and the maintenance is convenient.

Model Size (MM) Weight (KG) Power /voltage Capacity
CY2500 2500*1100*1300 300kg 36kw/380 300kg/h
CY4000 4000*1100*1400 600kg 60kw/380 1000kg/h
CY6000 6000*1100*1400 900kg 72kw/380 2000kg/h
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