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Banana Vegetable Mango Cutting Slicing Machine

Equipment Description

For the processing of fresh apple slices, freeze-dried slices, air-dried slices, preserved fruit slices, crisp slices, etc., the slicer is very important. It stipulates the product appearance, uniform slice thickness, apple utilization rate, and drying energy consumption.

The uniqueness of this machine lies in its fast speed, vertical cutting and circular slices. It can cut 16 slices in one second, and the slice loss is close to zero. The slice is round and the slice thickness is uniform. It is also compatible with 60 kinds of fruits and vegetables such as dragon fruit, onions, lemons, pears, sweet potatoes and potatoes. It may be the fastest and most economical at home and abroad. , The slicer with the most beautiful slice shape and the most compatible fruits and vegetables.

Capacity 1-2t/h
Slicing thickness 1-8mm
Fruit diameter ≤85mm
Power 2kw
Weight 300kg
Dimension 1000*950*1300mm
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