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egg breaker egg white yolk breaking separating machine

Equipment Description

Egg separator, you only need to clean a good egg, in turn, to die on the conveyor belt, when the egg to the egg shell is automatically cut, shell under the clamping device on both sides to separate from the breach, egg yolk and egg white from egg, the egg yolk and egg white separation device, the egg white is separated out, into the designated container, egg yolk into another container. The result is a complete separation of the yolk and the egg white. The eggshell falls into the designated container. It can be used immediately to ensure the freshness of the egg.

Production name Egg yolk separator
Voltage 220V
Power 500W
Capacity 4500-5000pcs/h
Machine material Stainless steel
Machine size 1700*1100*1100mm
Machine weight 200kg
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