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Multifunctional Automatic Quail Egg Shelling Breaking Machine

Description of quail egg peeling machine

1.The automatic quail egg decorticator /sheller is made of the stainless steel #304.

2.It is easy to operate and clean

3.Automatic quail egg decorticator /sheller suit the restaurant,egg wholesale,food factory etc

4.This machine is profossional for boiled egg

5.It has wheel,so easy to move.

Applications of quail egg peeling machine

Egg peeling machine is suitable in food factory, egg wholesale, hotel, fast food shop, egg factory, airline catering supplier. This machine can saving labour and time, increase the production for egg shell peeling.

Model Voltage Power Capacity Weight Dimension
HYAP-A 220V,50/60Hz 375W 5000 pcs/h 90 KG 600*600*900mm
HYAP-B 220V,50/60Hz 400W 10000pcs/h 100 KG 1200*670*920mm
HYAP-C 220V,50/60Hz 450W 15000pcs/h 130KG 1300*700*950mm
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