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Fish Skinning Machine

fish skinning machine(big)

Follows are two video of this machine to process two different fish :

This machine is specially used to remove the skin of various types of fish ,so that the fish can be processed into products soonly. We specially made the pressing roller to fix the material peeling. The peeling rate is high and the material is not wasted. The peeling thickness can be adjusted. It is a good helper for removing fish skin.

Features :

1. Wide range of uses: It can process all kinds of fish, such as squid, tilapia, cat fish, cod, fish, red fish, snapper, etc.
2. The effect is better and the materials are clean and tidy.
3. Higher than manual peeling rate, adjustable peeling thickness.
4. The equipment is made of 304stainless steel and food grade material, with humanized design and easily to clean.

Parameter :

Model HL-400
Power 750w
Voltage 220v/380v; 50/60hz; 3ph
Roller speed 22m/min
Capacity 30-50pcs/min
Material Stainless steel
Weight 100kg
Dimension 620*570*900mm
Fish skin machine (small)

Introduction :

This fish skinning machine can be used for many kinds of fish such as squid, salmon, plaice, snapper, catfish and so on.

Features :

1. Skin roller is made up of stainless steel which has been specially treated with heat, therefore, it wears out less and lasts for twice or longer time than other products.
2. Skin roller is specially produced ,so the surface of the fish ia clean and the actual outcome of cutting efficiency is more than 99 %, which maximize the capability and productivity.
3. The blades can be adjusted front and back up and down so it can be applied to any kind of fish
4. The input insert place,bottom support,upper board and others can be separated with one touch action, therefore, the machine can be washed out easily and always kept clean.
5. Possible use in small factory

Parameter :

Model HLB-270
Voltage 380v
Power 200w
Material SS
Roller speed 14m/min
Capacity 15-30pcs/min
Dimension 540*420*410mm
Weight 48kg
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