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stainless steel salted egg washing candling processing machine

Equipment Description

1. The frame structure is made of high quality 304 stainless steel profiles, which have excellent anti-corrosion and anti-alkali properties. The structure is reasonable and durable.

2. Equipped with spray pipe, the cleaning part is equipped with a single row of egg washing. The egg keeps spinning during the conveying process. The horizontal brush is used to wash the egg in multiple directions. The brush roller is a three-stage cleaning.

3. Using engineering plastic parts produced by mold, rubber parts can meet the anti-corrosion requirements on the basis of ensuring mechanical properties. Greatly improve the service life of the equipment.

4. Wear-resistant silk brush, super brushing ability, durable wear.

5. The production efficiency of 7000-10000 pieces/hour can greatly reduce the labor cost and labor intensity compared with the traditional process.

6. Full-line operation to reduce unnecessary logistics and damage, reducing the damage rate of 2‰.

7. Suitable for the cleaning of eggs, duck eggs, preserved eggs, mud eggs, laying hens and fresh eggs processing enterprises.

Egg washing machine Dimensions 11815*1745*1800mm Device parameters 1, the output: 7000-10000 pieces / hour 2, function: single row of eggs --- cleaning --- air drying --- light inspection --- delivery
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