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Commercial Automated Rice Automatic Food Cooking Machine

Equipment Description

Catering industry solution expert

With the black technology form of smart micro kitchen, it penetrates infinite scenes of dining behavior, is infinitely close to users, makes health and nutrition at your fingertips, and actively promotes the intelligent process of the catering industry.

A black technology automatic cooking machine. A no-fume, no-clean smart cooking device. It can simulate the cooking methods of Chinese food such as frying, frying, steaming, and boiling. It can be turned 360° to restore the chef's skill of flipping the pot, and 9 dishes can be fried in 3 minutes, so that every meal can be efficient and delicious.

Model HL-ICM-3 HL-ICM-6 HL-ICM-9 HL-ICM-12
Capacity 60  piece/h 120 piece/h 180 piece/h 240 piece/h
Machine size 518*480*850mm 789*480*850mm 1060*480*850mm 1331*480*850mm
Power 4kw 8kw 12kw 16kw
Voltage 220v  single-phase 18.2A 220v  single -phase 37A 380v  Three-phase 18.2A 380v  Three-phase 24.4A
Weight About 50kg About 75kg About 100kg About 125kg
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