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Stainless Steel Chicken Kebab Making Machine Automatic Meat Skewers Machine

Equipment Description

Automatic cut-through meat string machine, using advanced mcu technology, control proximity sensors, so that pneumatic and electric combined to achieve automatic label, automatic cut-through meat. The product host machine is made of stainless steel, food grade PE material, in line with international food safety requirements; the table is controlled, easy to move, covers an area small; the work is stable; the layout is accurate and reasonable, maintenance free, long service life; Movable PE meat skewer mold plate, easy to clean; can replace the mold at will, to meet the needs of different products.


This machine can wear cattle, sheep, chicken skewers, chicken skewers, chicken heart skewers, squid skewers, tofu pieces, Kelp knots and other skewers; Users can add fat oil at any place according to their preferences; the length of kebabs can be adjusted at will within the range of requirements; and the kebabs are ideal for kebabs manufacturers and individual users.

Product Name Automatic Stringer Wear String Speed 1300-1500pieces / h
Voltage 220v / 380v Net Weight 40kg
Motor Power 1.1kw Dimensions 1200 * 520 * 320mm

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