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High Productivity Fruit Juice Sterilizer Fully Automatic Tubular 5 Ton Sterilization Machine

Equipment Description

Ultra-high temperature sterilization is a process that meets the requirements of commercial sterility in the processing of fresh milk and beverages. UHT sterilization is characterized by short sterilization time, which can better preserve the color and fragrance of materials.

After sterilization, the product is filled into aseptic packaging, and does not need to be stored at low temperature, with a shelf life of 6-18 months.

The production capacity of UHT sterilizer is 1-10t/h, and the typical sterilization temperature is 90-140 ℃. Can connect any filling machine - sterile bag cold filling or other hot filling type.

1. Automatic tubular high-temperature instantaneous sterilization system (UHT) is fully automatic control. The system fully considers the influence of external factors on sterilization temperature, and high-precision product/water temperature difference control to ensure equipment operation, process indicators and material quality;

2. At the same time, according to the filling process requirements of low-acid products, the system is equipped with a closed superheated water pre-sterilization system, which is fully efficient and reliable in sterilization, and effectively uses heat sources to reduce energy consumption to;

3. At the same time, intelligent PLC control does not require complex manual operation and monitoring;

4. The CIP system design before and after production meets the cleaning and sterilization requirements of production equipment.

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