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full automatic milk pasteurization line for Yogurt

Equipment Description

Raw milk → Filtration → Preheating → Homogenization → Stirring sterilization → Fermentation → Refrigeration → Filling.

Matching equipment:

Raw milk → Pump → Filter → Pump → Preheat tank → Pump → Homogenizer → Pump → Whisk tank → Pump → Fermenter→Pump → Refrigeration tank → CIP cleaning system.

Milk pasteurization machine is a kind of equipment that can sterilize and disinfect all kinds of packaged or canned food, which is beneficial to the health of consumers and can extend the shelf life or storage period of food.

The fresh milk pasteurization machine is mainly used for sterilization of dairy products such as sterilized milk, goat milk, camel milk, etc., and can also be used for sterilization of liquids such as beer, egg liquid, honey, and soy milk. The main principle is the pasteurization principle, that is, low-temperature sterilization, that is, the milk is sterilized at no more than 100°C. Pasteurization can preserve the beneficial bacteria in the milk while killing harmful bacteria such as E. coli. The sterilization time of the sterilization equipment is adjustable from 5 to 40 minutes; the sterilization temperature is adjustable from 50 to 99 degrees Celsius and equipped with an automatic temperature control device. The sterilization tank is equipped with heat preservation facilities and a temperature compensation device, which effectively ensures the balance of the water temperature in the tank and ensures the sterilization effect.

Number Name Number Name
1. Cooling Tank 7. Filling Machine
2. Double filter 8. Air Compressor
3. Preheating tank 9. Acid/Alkali/Water Tank
4. Homogenizer 10. Pump
5. Pasteurizer 11. Pipe line circulation system
6. Fermenter 12. Final products
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