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Cicada Pupa Size Grading Sorting Machine

Equipment Description

On the basis of retaining the advantages of high-power low-speed motor and track operation, the improved track jujube picker focuses on the coordination of the whole machine and the scientific collocation of motor wheel sets.

The conveyor belt of the track jujube picker is made of imported silicone rubber material, which has strong toughness and wear resistance, overcomes the disadvantages of easy cracking, easy breaking and easy aging of the conveyor belt, and prolongs the service life by 5 times compared with the ordinary silicone tape.

The special aluminum alloy V-shaped track groove is firm and not easy to deform; The V-shaped grooves are separated by a meshing shaft sleeve, which can easily adjust the spacing of the conveyor belt, and achieve the effect of one machine with multiple uses (virgin fruit, garlic rice, Xinjiang jujube, grey jujube, golden silk jujube, hawthorn, seabuckthorn, kumquat, sugar orange, litchi, longan and other small fruits and vegetables). The length of the body is increased to three meters, and the fruits and vegetables can be divided into 4-7 grades according to the diameter of the fruits and vegetables, The fruit selection is more uniform and the grade is finer.

It is not easy to damage the peel in the process of fruit screening for jujube and winter jujube, and the screening effect is very uniform.

Model HL-FJ2-9 HL-FJ2-9 HL-FJ2-13 HL-FJ3-13 HL-FJ2-17 HL-FJ3-17
Size sorting  Machine size 2.1*0.6*0.8m 3.1*0.6*0.8m 2.1m*0.8m*0.9m 3.1m*0.8m*0.9m 2.2*1.2*0.8m 3.2*1.2*0.8m
Conveyor size 1.5*0.6*1.3m 1.5*0.6*1.3m
Voltage 220v 1.5kw 220v 1.5kw 220v 1.5kw 220v1.5kw 380v 2.25kw 380v 2.25kw
Weight 150kg
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