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Factory Price Chili Sauce Tomato Paste Making Processing Machine

Introduction of Working process

Raw materials → hoist machine → surf-washing machine →Roller Fruit Spray Machine-→ Waste Fruit Conveyor→Lifting machine-→ Hammer Crusher-→ low tank-→ belt propeller single screw pump-→ preheater-→ pulping Refining Machine (can also be used cold pulping machine)-→ buffer tank-→ Fruit slag Conveyor. Tubular outer circulation evaporator-→ single screw pump-→ thick slurry tank-→ thick slurry pump-→ casing sterilizer-→ filling Machine-→ sterilization pot two times sterilization-→ conveyor-→ labeling Machine-→ calibration Machine-→ Inkjet machine-→finished packing.

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