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Air Bubble Washing Machine

Main features

Air bubble cleaning machine is mainly through the bubbling, surfing and spray three cleaning method, make the fruit washed.
The characteristics of the cleaner and more thoroughly. Air bubble cleaning machine made by the stainless steel material, with high pressure fan, high pressure water impact, vegetable soak, clean, desalting effect.Air bubble cleaning machine is suitable for all kinds of vegetables such as potatoes, spinach and wash fruits such as strawberry, apple, desalination, to pesticide residues.


Technical Parameters :

Model Capacity Power Weight Dimensions
HLGB-5000 3000kg/h 4.75kw/380v 330kg 5000*1000*1200mm
HLGB-4000 2000kg/h 2.7kw/380v 260kg 4000*1000*1200mm
HLGB-3500 1000kg/h 2.7kw/380v 200kg 3500*1000*1200mm

Working Principle :
This multifunctional bubble washing machine works through high pressure waterflow and water bubbles to impact and scrub the surface of the cleaned objects

Features :

1 Equipped with a bubble generator to make the objects roll over
High pressure air bubble and spraying water can wash off dirt, sands and other residues
2 Equipped with VFD to better adjust the belt speed
3 Equipped with separate filter tank and water recycling system
4 Equipped with spraying section with clean water for twice washing
The objects are automatically conveyored to spraying section by the conveyor mesh belt

Advantages :

1 Food grade SUS304 stainless steel
2 High cleaning ability, high washing rate
3 Wide range application, suitable for many products
4 No damage to the products

OEM Service
According to the customers' special requirements, there are following optional configurations:

1 Ozone generator for sterilization and disinfection and decomposition of pesticide residues
2 Ultrasonic module through ultrasonic vibration to clean the products completely
3 Air fans to be added at the outlet for simple frying after washing
4 Lifting device can be added to life the mesh belt for easy cleaning of the tank
5 Any other functions you need, tell us freely, we will design special machine for you

OEM: Machine size, configuration and capacity etc can be customized according to your special requirements, Contact for more details please!

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