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Brush Washing Machine

Detailed introduction of potato washing machine (Soft brush)

Product parameters

Model capacity(kg/h) Voltage Net Weight (kg) Overall dimension(mm)
HLMSS-1000 1000kg/h(150kg/bath ) 380V/2.2KW 320kg 1700*1000*1000
HLMSS-1200 1200kg/h(180kg/bath ) 2.2kw/380v 360kg 2000*1000*1000mm
HLMSS-1500 1500kg/h(220kg/bath ) 3kw/380v 400kg 2200x1000x1000mm
HLMSS-1800 1800kg/h(260kg/bath ) 4kw/380v 460kg 2500x1000x1000mm
HLMSS-2000 2000kg/h(300kg/bath ) 4kw/380v 500kg 2700x1000x1000mm


The machine is equipped with brusher roller, which can wash and peel fruit and vegetables very clean. The machine is suitable for washing and peeling potato, sweet potato, taro, carrot, pumpkin etc.
It has many advantages, such as big effective volume, high efficiency, water-saving ,continuously working, simple operation and long service life etc, brush roller materials is durable and has good wearproof ability through special processing,


1. Composed of charging spout, brush roll, driving part, vibration sieve, drainage facility and inlet channel.
2. Good cleaning effect, low crashing ratio, convenient sewage discharge, high output and without environment pollution
3. A perfect processing device in the assemble line for roasting peanuts.

Detailed introduction of potato washing peeling machine (hard brush)

This machine is a large scale closed type washer and peeler for vegetable roots.Material are pushed forward by the slow rolling brushed.There’s high pressure spray-washing system inside the machine.It is mainly used for washing and peeling carrots,potatoes.If using soft rolling bushed,it can polish vegetables.This machine can be connected with automatic producing line.

Function :

It mainly used for potato tubers type material cleaning, polishing, peeling process.

Product parameters

Model capacity(kg/h) Voltage Net Weight (kg) Overall dimension(mm)
HLMSS-1000 1000kg/h (150kg/bath ) 380V/2.2KW 320kg 1700*1000*1000
HLMSS-1200 1200kg/h (180kg/bath ) 2.2kw/380v 360kg 2000x1000x1000mm
HLMSS-1500 2500kg/h (220kg/bath ) 3kw/380v 400kg 2200x1000x1000mm
HLMSS-1800 2800kg/h (260kg/bath ) 4kw/380v 460kg 2500x1000x1000mm
HLMSS-2000 2000kg/h (300kg/bath ) 4kw/380v 500kg 2700x1000x1000mm
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