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Fish Fillet Machine


This machine is made of all stainless steel materials, wear-resistant and durable, meets the standard, is simple to make, easy to clean, safe and reliable, accurate operation of opening and opening, cleans the internal organs, does not break the fish gallbladder, automatically sprays water at the same time, rinses the fish belly. Does not hurt the skin, does not hurt the fins. Guarantee the appearance of the fish, does not affect the cooking and meat taste and quality of the fish. Can be customized according to customer needs, such as head to head, tail, slice, back.
That machine can be used to cut the fish into 2 pieces.
The machine can complete the processing requirements of the continuous open back of large fishes such as carp and Crucian carp, and the continuous operation processing efficiency is high.

Working Principle of Fish Back Opening Machines:

The hand puts the fish on the workbench into the feeding port in an orderly manner. The rolling axis inside the machine automatically transports the fish forward. During the conveying process, the lower cutter cuts the fish and excavates the internal organs, and the fish is transported to The rolling rotary groove in the front goes through the scales. During the rolling process, there is a high-pressure sprinkler system above the round groove. During the process of removing the scales, the fallen scales and internal organs are washed clean. Finally, the fish is transported out through the conveyor belt. The processed fish, the internal organs are all removed and the black film is removed, and the next processing step can be directly performed.

Model HL -150
Power 1.6kw
Capacity 1 fish / s
Voltage 220V/380V
Weight 150kg
Dimension 1850*550*900mm
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