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Fresh Meat Slicing Cutter Machine


Automatic meat slicer product introduction: multi-slice horizontal cutting of meat, suitable for slicing of fresh raw materials such as pork, beef, mutton, poultry, etc., can realize the cutting of chicken breast butterfly heart.

Fully automatic meat slicer features :

1. Accurate cutting thickness, thin up to 2 mm, multi-layer slices, high efficiency ** can be 5 layers;
2. The thickness of the cutting product can be adjusted by changing the tool holder, and the butterfly heart of chicken breast can be cut by changing the tool holder.
3. Floating mesh belt design, suitable for meat of different thickness;
4. Adopting imported washboard belt, the service life is high.
5. Made of stainless steel and engineering plastics, easy to clean.

Equipment advantages :

1. The accuracy of cutting thickness is incomparable.
2. Reduce the number of manual slicing, reduce labor costs, high efficiency;
3. It can be connected with the sliver to produce strip products of the same size.

Type HLQP-260
Power (kw) 0.75KW
Width 260mm
Conveyor Belt Speed Range 3-15m/min (Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation)
Supply voltage(V) 380v/50Hz
Size(mm) 2200*650*1450
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