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Fish Scale And Gutting Machine

Introduction of fish killing machine

This Fish killing machine is a collection to scale, open fish maw, gutted and fish cleaning function, can be processed silver carp, bream, grass carp, black carp, carp, salmon, mandarin fish, tilapia, perch, fish Palestinian wave all kinds of fish. Scale removal clean, not to hurt the skin, not to hurt the fins, the fish looks, does not affect fish cooking results. Removal of scale while gutting Ripper, Ripper accurate, clean and remove the internal organs, does not destroy fish guts.

Working principle of fish killing machine

1. People put the fish orderly into the inlet, the rolling brush spindle forward transport fish, in the course of transmission, roller brush on the fish's scales are removed.
2. Below the cutter opening belly fish, dig and offal, fish in the rolling process, the circular slot above the high pressure spray systems, In the process of to scales, put off the scales and internal organs is rinsed clean.
3. Final adoption of the conveyer belt transporting fish.
4. Processed fish, clean scaleless fish, offal all cleared directly for further processing operations.
5. This machine mainly is for fish descaling, fish caesarean section and gutted automatically processing. Replace the low efficiency of manual operation, and the safety loophole.

Features of fish killing machine

1. Stainless steel manufacturing, wearable and durable, in line with food hygiene standards.
2. Simple operation, easy to clean, safe, reliable, stable performance.
3. Powerful, direct implementation to kill the fish scales and technology, high production efficiency, yield.
4. To the scales and gutted effect, clean, basic no damage on the fish.
5. Size can be customized according to customer demand

NO Name Picture Quantity Parameter
1 Fish scale and gutting machine 1 Power : 2.2kw
Voltage : 220v/380v
Suitable of fish : 300g-4kg
Size : 1050*600*1100mm
Weight :150 kg
2 Fish gutting machine 1 Power : 2.2kw
Voltage : 220v/380v
Suitable of fish : 300g-4kg
Size : 850*600*1050mm
Weight :130kg
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