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Continuous Electric Heating Frying Machine

3 m continuous electric heating fryer

Type Power(Kw) Voltage(V) Network bandwidth(mm) Temperature range(℃) Shape size(mm)
FWD-350 36 380/220 400 0-280 3500×800×1000
FWD-400 48 380/220 400 0-280 4000×800×1000
Fully automatic fried wire
Type HLYZ-500 HLYZ-600 HLYZ-800
Rated power(KW) 60 120 252
Rated voltage(V) 380 380 380
Network Bandwidth Band(mm) 400 600 800
Temperature range(℃) 0-230 0-230 0-230
Oil capacity (L) 550 1000 1500
Production capacity (kilogram hours) 100-300 200-500 500-1000
Shape size(mm) 3500*1000*2000 6000*1200*2000 8000*1400*2000

The process uses limit control, zone temperature control, and scientific use of the specific gravity relationship between vegetable oil and animal oil to make the animal oil leached from the fried meat food naturally sink into the lower layer of the vegetable oil, so that the middle and upper working oil is always pure, and the fried food is not only colored and fragrant. The taste is good, the appearance is clean and beautiful, and the product quality is improved and the shelf life is extended.

Characteristics :

1. The fryer is suitable for the continuous production of meat, fish tofu, aquatic products, vegetables, pasta and other products, with high output and tight equipment. The upper and lower double-layer mesh belts are used for transmission, and the product is sandwiched between the double-layer mesh belts to prevent the product from floating.
2. Net belt transmission adopts frequency conversion speed regulation. Freely control processing time. The ◇ equipment is equipped with an automatic lifting system, an upper cover and a mesh belt that can be lifted and lowered for easy cleaning.
3. There is a slagging system at the bottom to discharge the residue at any time. ◇The specially designed heating system makes the energy more efficient.

Application :

1. Pasta; twist, casserole, honey, honey three knives, fritters, hemp, gluten, Jiangmi, Shaqima, scorpion and so on.
2. Carnivorous; pheasant (colored), plate duck (colored), braised pork, meatballs, beef jerky, pork belly, chicken legs, trotters.
3. Nuts; peanuts, green beans, broad beans, sunflower seeds.
4. Bean products; dried bean curd, bean bubble, fish tofu, bean ginseng.
5. Seafood; various fish, shrimp, scallops, sea red, small fish, squid, squid.
6. Other categories; vegetable cakes, tianfu, eggplant, glutinous rice, hanging paste and paste all kinds of fried puffed food.

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