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Electrically Heated Semi-automatic Round Fryer


Semi-automatic series of frying machines are mainly suitable for small and medium-sized food factories, can make most of the fried snacks, such as broad beans, green beans, peanuts, pine nuts and cat ears, shell crisp and other noodle products and puffed food.

Characteristics :

1.Intelligent temperature control, you can first achieve automatic feeding, automatic stirring and automatic discharge, etc., thus reducing labor costs, more convenient and intelligent than a single-machine series.
2. Energy mainly uses electricity, heat conduction oil, coal, gas, liquefied gas and external circulating heating.

Model Size Weight Voltage Capacity Oil volume Temperature range℃
HLBD1000 1750*1500*1500 450 0.37KW Electric heating 51KW Expanded food(70-100KG/H)peanut (200*350KG/H) 360L 0-400
HLBD1300 2100*1850*1600 620 0.37KW Electric heating 63KW Expanded food(100-150KG/H)peanut (350*450KG/H) 420L 0-400
HLBD1500 2300*2100*1600 830 1.12 Electric heating 81KW Expanded food(180-250KG/H)peanut (450*600KG/H) 650L 0-400
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